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If your thinking of add me add me. But dont add me and then NEVER comment my journal. Thats like buying a bed but never using it! Ok...so not the best simile but whatever. Commnets make me happy. So stop by every once in a while, even if its just to say Hello.


This is what perfection looks like.
Title: We where mint to be
Author: me peppermintcum
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: ryden!
Summary: “It’s ok, and I’m here. I’ll save you from your self my love.”
P.O.V- 1st person limited. The rest will be 3rd person
Disclaimer: Not real.
Dedication: Sarah,mypanicromance. Since she had such a crappy night at homecoming.

We where mint to be [Prologue]

This isn’t how it should be. We should be in bed making love. Or sitting by the fire, sipping hot chocolate. We should be taking a mid-night stroll. But we are not. We are in your apartment. Listening to the subway go by. And the people above your apartment are yelling at each other, like they do every night. You’re sitting there. You have not showered in I don’t know how long, your eyes are big and your rocking back and forth.
Love was suppose to be fun .It should involve two people. I remember when we met, at prom. We where juniors, we were so excited to get this year over with and then rule the school. Jon Walker introduced us. I remember the second I looked into your eyes. I forgot how to breathe. They where the window to your soul, which I could see was broken. That night I found you in the parking lot. Sitting on the cement next to your car, drinking beer. I kneeled down next to you. Your breath was warm and your skin was cold. I sat down next to you and wrapped my arms around you and then whispered, “It’s ok, and I’m here. I’ll save you from your self my love.”
But these past five years have not been filled with love. You are so insecure, so unsure of your self. I’ve tried to love you. Tried to kiss your lips and hold you in my arms. But no, you just want me so you can have a good fuck. Will I ever mean anything to you? Ha, I guess not. Cause that’s just the way you are Ryan Ross. Cold, selfish son-of-a-bitch. I stood up from the couch, walked over to your front door and opened it. You all of a sudden come out of your trance and ask me where I’m going. I respond, “To look for someone who loves me.”

Ok if you guys love me...


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